The Hidden Story Within the Mediterranean Canvas

Remember when you first saw a famous work of art hanging graciously on the white-washed walls of an ill-remembered museum years ago and didn’t understand what all the hoopla was about?  Have you ever seen a piece in such a manner, then learned more about the artist, the painting itself, and maybe even the romantic story behind it?  If so, its truly amazing how a work of art can develop a whole new meaning once it’s story is told.  The scale of interest suddenly jumps when more is understood of it.

Well just tonight, Oliver Steeds, of Discovery Channel’s new show, “Solving History” demonstrated some of the story behind the amazing fabled islands of the Mediterranean. The premise of the show is all about his quest to piece geological and historical events of the past that tell a deeper, more meaningful story into the stories of cultural past civilizations, historical events and elusive legends.

In this episode, he took us on a whirl-wind tour through many of the islands of the Mediterranean in search of the truth behind the lost city of Atlantis.  Traveling from the steaming crest of Sicily’s Mt. Etna to the shores of Malta, Oliver spoke with geological experts and historians as to the validity of a city such as Atlantis.  The show came to a close with Oliver standing on the volcanic dome at the center of the caldera at Santorini in Greece. Historical and geological evidence had helped him build an entertaining hypothesis that this ancient volcano could have been the downfall of the great Minoan civilization and possibly ground zero for the destruction of Atlantis.

About 15 months ago, I had also been standing on the cliffs of Santorini staring off in sheer amazement of it’s utter beauty and scale.  I have yet to explore the other islands of Malta, Sicily, and Crete but hope to one day.  For now I will have to submerse myself in shows like this one to satisfy my appetite for discovering the hidden stories behind the likes of the “canvas” that is the amazing Mediterranean islands.

Should you feel the same desire to travel to the Mediterranean islands and discover their hidden past, AMNH Expeditions, the American Museum of Natural History’s travel division on New York is offering a special trip that just might satisfy such an appetite.  Learn more about this trip by clicking on the provided link (in red) below, then watch a short video of Oliver Steed’s new show, “Solving History” on the Discovery Channel.


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