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Academic Travel Abroad
Trusted Innovator in Cultural Travel Since 1950

We’re Celebrating our 60th year in the educational travel business!

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Academic Travel Abroad is a premiere travel company, specializing in educational experiences at home and abroad. We appreciate that there is always more to learn when you travel, even in the most tried and true, popular destinations. In addition to our explorations of lesser-known corners of the globe, we have honed the art of putting a new spin on familiar treasures. Explore the endless possibilities of educational travel, meet our valued travel partners and see the world with new eyes.

Sixty years in the travel industry have given us a broad perspective of the world. In 1947, when more Americans wanted to start traveling abroad after World War II, ATA pioneered programs throughout Europe, from Norway to Portugal. In 1956, Academic Travel Abroad opened the doors to cultural and educational travel in the former USSR, and soon thereafter in China. For more than a half century, we have continued to offer innovative programs to new and favorite destinations to help travelers delve beyond the surface of these treasured places to explore the hidden riches unique to each.

Academic Travel Abroad’s unmatched staff is truly “at home” in the world. Combined, we have over 325 years experience in the educational travel industry, and we speak 15 different languages – from Mandarin to French, Tagalog to Finnish, our staff knows virtually no language barriers! The fact that we have lived in, and traveled to more than 40 countries gives us an insider’s view that helps us share our love of our destinations with you. Because we are committed to offering superior travel programs, our experienced, professional Program Designers create tours that uncover the behind-the-scenes culture, history, art, architecture, cuisine, and peoples of each locale, and our Travel Counselors will assist you with all your tour-related needs prior to your departure. You will also benefit from having one of our expert Tour Managers, who have lived and studied in our destinations, accompany each tour. Every member of our staff is devoted to making your tour with Academic Travel Abroad a truly memorable experience.

When you travel with Academic Travel Abroad, you’ll reap the benefits of our extensive network of global resources, both in academia and the travel industry. Because our contacts span the globe, we can ensure that you enjoy the most in-depth and hassle-free travel experience. From Beijing to the British Isles, St. Petersburg to Seville, our trusted resources abroad allow us to offer you behind-the-scenes access at private collections, museums, universities, galleries, and embassies. Hoteliers, concierges, and restaurateurs with whom we share long-standing relationships make your logistics seamless and your travel experience superior.

Come visit us on the web at: www.academic-travel.com