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Academic Travel Abroad is proud to announce the launch of Professionals Abroad, our newest division catering to the international cooperation of professionals in their respective fields.

Professionals Abroad works with top U.S. and international professional associations to facilitate professional exchange between counterparts around the globe. In both urban and rural settings, doctors, lawyers, educators, social scientists, environmentalists, and others gain valuable perspective about their own profession through counterpart meetings where they can share common challenges and connect on a one-to-one level.  All Professionals Abroad programs include briefings with government representatives and content specialists, as well as visits in the field with practitioners at their facilities.

Professionals Abroad is led by Dawn Davis. With over 20 years experience in the field of professional exchange, Dawn has arranged for teams of professionals representing Medicine, Law, Education, Technology, and the Social Sciences to meet with their counterparts around the globe. Dawn’s partners have included The American College of Physicians, American Bar Association, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Water Environment Federation, and the American Association of University Women. These teams have visited Rwanda, The People’s Republic of China, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Israel, Jordan and many, many more destinations.

Delegation leaders are nominated and selected by their peers; leaders guide the content of the professional meetings. The content and depth of the professional exchanges often qualify the participants to receive continuing education credits contingent with the requirements of their field. For US residents, participation may also be tax deductible, based upon ones individual tax guidance. A journal of the proceedings will be published following the delegation.


Academic Travel Abroad & Professionals Abroad

On December 1st, I watched as President Obama announced his intention to send an additional 30,000 US troops into Afghanistan to create a “surge” and hopefully end the war. In November, I watched as President Obama made his first visit to China and to Russia. I watched as our world leaders celebrated the twenty year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and later communism in Eastern Europe. I watched as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton visited the Middle East, seeking peace between Israel and Palestine. All of these events happening over the last 90 days.

Coincidentally, the last 90 days have marked the launching of Professionals Abroad, a new arm of Academic Travel Abroad. The Mission of Professionals Abroad is to provide an avenue for global professional counterparts to share one–on–one, their professional challenges and experiences. Selected teams of professionals, representing their associations will travel to host countries and participate in round table discussions, site visits and social events. All with the goal of learning more about the lives of their counterparts and to gain an understanding of the culture and history of the countries they visit.

Imagine mental health professionals and grief counselors traveling to the epicenter of the earth quake in China, to discuss Disaster Mental Health with the teams of Chinese professionals who are helping the people of this rural area to deal with their devastating loss. Imagine global water environment professionals meeting in Israel to discuss the advances and challenges faced by the Israeli people to ensure clean and abundant water supplies. Imagine a team of professional and academic women representing many of the top institutions in United States, traveling to the Middle East to meet with political and academic women leaders. Further, imagine a team of undergraduate future women leaders traveling along side their mentors, learning and preparing for success in the globalized world. This is Professionals Abroad, and these are just a few of the teams launched for 2010.

As the Director of Professionals Abroad, my vision is to see these teams of professionals gain unparalleled access to their counterparts globally. Through this access, individual citizens can support the missions of our nation’s leaders, as we seek to ensure global peace, and to establish the individual personal relationships necessary to ensure cooperation and lasting professional friendships.

Dawn Davis
Professional Abroad

New Professionals Abroad website coming in January.

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We’ve now added a new blog linked from our website ( on the “Our Staff” page on which ATA staff who have recently travelled on one of our tours will now go and write a quick post about their experiences abroad. Check out this new blog and learn about our own recent experiences abroad!

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