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thumbnailWe all count down the days until departing on an overseas trip to a new place we’ve never experienced before or even one which we dearly love.  The day arrives and the eager anticipation overwhelms us.  We meticulously plan out every day while we’re gone – right down to how many pairs of socks and what color tooth brush to bring.  Our bags are taken by the luggage clerk and we board the plane, now able to relax a little before all the excitement begins.  Everything’s accounted for, all is foreseen and planned to the “T.”  From this point, everything always go according to plan, right?

Well, not always.  Any number of minor inconveniences can throw a stick in our spokes such as a delayed flight or missed train.  Small headaches arise here and there, but we overcome. Now, consider something more severe.  Think of those who were traveling in China when the earthquake struck, or others who might have been caught exploring beautiful Tibet during the recent uprisings and riots, or even travelers falling ill mid-journey.

Academic Travel Abroad (ATA) is a well established tour operator which prides itself on its distinct ability to manage such situations while hosting travelers on their many worldwide tours.  ATA realizes that anything from delayed flights to mother nature to local political and social disturbances can occur at any time without warning and can immediately effect the tour itinerary or operation.  ATA staff are trained for these disturbances and quickly react in a way that can provide safety, comfort and a sense of normalcy regardless of the level of adjustments needed to the tour.  ATA has been in business for over fifty years and has encountered many such situations in the past and has refined their skills and abilities when addressing such issues while on tour.  The safety and satisfaction of our travelers is our primary concern at every step along each tour.

Although traveling on your own can render a sense of freedom while abroad, there are many reasons to consider traveling to new destination with a managed tour as they can provide resources and staff trained to handle everything from language barriers to medical needs and provide a real and tangible sense of security and enjoyment while abroad.

Safe travels!

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Educational Travel is Still a Good Investment!

Why you should continue with your travel plans.

If you have been thinking about traveling on an educational tour in 2009, here are a few reasons to not change your plans.

1. Our all-inclusive tours are already priced. On our exciting land programs, there is never any inflation of currency or other costs between the time you commit and the time you travel. This is reassuring, as the value of the dollar has been unpredictable during the last several months.

2. Our educational tours represent great value. If you are a life long learner, you will delight in how intellectually stimulating our tours are. Our itineraries are focused and fun, and offer lots of behind-the-scenes extras that would be hard to set up on your own. We guarantee that you will learn more in less time than on many other tours.

3. We have anticipated the unexpected for you. Our tour staff takes care of all of the details of your vacation so you can focus on learning. Should the unexpected occur—delayed baggage, a lost passport, or a delayed flight—rest assured that your ATA tour manager will take over so that you can stay on schedule with the tour without interruption.

4. You will travel with like-minded people. Many of our travelers say that the people they meet on tour make the experience truly magical. We attract well-traveled men and women who savor the luxury of time to experience a new (or familiar!) destination in depth. They are interested, and interesting!

5. Some of your favorite spots in the world might be more accessible than ever.

It is inevitable that some travelers will defer their plans until a later date. This means that you might be able to avoid crowds at some of the world’s most famous sites.

Please call us at 800-556-7896 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff about an upcoming tour or visit our website at:!

Chase Poffenberger

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